Top Reasons to Choose Us

Top Reasons to Choose Us


  • Digitalization, We Take You To That Road: Digitalization is the need of the market now days. If one wants to survive in this cut-throat competition and leave a distinctive impression on the customers, then digitalization is the only answer. We, com, help you to achieve that easily. Leave all your digital marketing related worries to us and concentrate on your business.


  • Post Your Advertisement For Free: Yeah, you have read it right. Anyone who wants to post advertisement on our website can post it for free and get benefits of Digital Marketing. By doing this, user gets webpage, direct link to share and social media marketing (done by DB Team).


  • Facility to Create Your Own Webpage: To get a website can be an easy task but maintaining is not a child’s play. At one side getting your own website is time consuming and on other hand it is a costly choice too. DigitalBilaspur lets you concentrate on your own business while we manage your webpage in a really lesser cost. You can get showcased your product range, rates, events and sale details everything and then share it with your customer base with only a link. We make it easy for you.


  • Exclusive For Bilaspur: com has been designed exclusively for Bilaspur. Being a resident of Bilaspur, we understand the market so we customize your digital advertisement approach as per your requirements. This kind of flexibility is much needed in today’s product-driven market, we need to make it more consumer oriented.


  • Multimedia Options: We have many multimedia options for your advertisement. You can upload your advertisement as Image/GIFs or Videos or any combination of these mentioned formats. Need not to say Impressive ads say it all.


  • Social Media Marketing: Do we need to tell you the benefits of Social Media Marketing in today’s market context? We don’t think so. We promote your advertisement/product though our FaceBook page , Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, SMS and Email marketing.


  • Discount Coupons: What excites customers more than Discounts! We can’t deny we all love it. If we tell you that allows you to offer Discount Coupons, so you’re your business can attract more customers. It is a hassle free process, coupons are digital so no printing costs no distribution costs no extra advertising budget, Believe us it is a win-win situation.


  • Events: We,, organizes/co-sponsors various events/competitions on a regular basis. If you are exclusively associated with us, your brand will automatically get attention.


  • Online is the New Future: Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon once said, “It’s hard to find things that are not found online.” Internet is one of the fastest growing modes, common platform for advertising and reach to every household. It’s high time to make your presence online, to promote your business digitally, to stand above your competitors and to win customers’ trust.


  • Variety in Subscription Packages: com offers its customers a buffet of packages to choose from. After all variety is spice of life. There are many categories: Free, Premium Featured, Exclusive and Pop-up Advertisements. One can choose whatever suits one’s purpose and target audience.
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